Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Single, Sexy & Unemployed #Still_Winning

Well I said I wasn’t going to make any NYE Resolutions and good thing I didn’t. This year is definitely off to a festive start. I’ve struggled through this job for several months and the obviously my "amazing" wasn't recognized or appreciated because after several months of struggle they decided to “release” me.

Who does that?! Release? What does that mean? Set me free to fly amongst the eagles?!  Maybe they meant releasing me from captivity. Because that’s what it’s felt like I’ve been in for several months. I’ve been held captive and I’ve been far from captivated by the work that I’ve done.  But hey at least I learned a lot.

To say the least, I thought I was taking a new lease on life in 2012. I just moved into my new/first apartment and I was ready to seize the day. Well I think I got seized or better yet punked. Less than a week into my new life and this is what happens. Oh well, there’s no need to be sad or depressed about this. I’ve been in far worse situations and by the grace of God I’ve made it out. So I am assured that God has his hands on this situation and he will direct my paths.

At least this momentary unemployment has presented the opportunity for me to blog more and will help me on my quest to find my “calling.” It’s no longer about a dead end job with no room for growth but more so about making it happen even when it seems like everything  happening around me is bad.

I came from very humble beginnings and I know that God has brought me a long way within just these few short years. I have struggled with a lot but I’ve also gained a lot in the process. I’ve been underestimated, tested, and disrespected but I am still grateful for all the things that God has done in my life.

So although this job is over; I’m excited to begin searching for a new one. And preferably it will be a job that pertains to my purpose and my calling. So I’m waving goodbye (emphatically actually) to a job that held me captive and saying hello to the doors that are being opened for me. Here’s to new beginnings…Unemployment Tales Soon To Come!!! Lol!!


                                                                                                                                           Madame Surge

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Working on a Saturday Night...

Such is life. I’m living and working. Working and trying to live. I just moved into my new spot. Allll by myself!!!! LoL!! It’s definitely a new experience but one I plan on enjoying to the fullest. Independence looks good on me. Well at least I believe it does UNTIL these bills start to kick in. My furniture arrived yesterday after I had slept on an air mattress for a whole week. (Looooong story + Sleepless Nights = No Bueno) Lol! But hey I’ll have a story to tell my kiddos one day! I’m really trying to get back into the blogging thing. But work has been kicking my arse! However, I will try and I will do my best to blog. But for right now, back to work I go. Until later!

And on a side note: Some man at Walmart told me I was sexy today! Lol! Yeah it  was Walmart! But hey that never happened in the other neck of the woods that I lived in. Before I was just stared at or chased around the grocery store by men that scared the dickens out of me! Yeah those experiences were definitely comical. Oh well..#movingonup ..LoL!

                                                                                    Madame Surge 

Monday, January 2, 2012

One of Those Days....

Project 100 is in full effect starting tomorrow. I’ve committed my mind and my spirit to getting it right and tight! (Wish me luck ya’ll!) I attempted to start my regimen this morning and I made a delicious greenish-purple smoothie that was actually quite tasty. I sat it in the freezer so that I could finish getting dressed before work and on my way out reached in and grabbed it……#EPIC FAIL. (Insert dramatic music) 

The darn thing fell to its death and splattered (flung itself, collapsed, cascaded…whatever the heck you want to call it, It’s no longer with us!) across the kitchen floor. So I was left with a green-purple ewwey googley mess spreading quickly across the kitchen floor. And to make matters worse, not even the cat would lick it up. (I guess it really was that bad :-(  ) So I then proceeded to take the next thirty minutes cleaning it up and trying to get things in order before I left for my “supposed” early day at work. And if you haven’t guessed it at this point, I’m actually quite livid. Such a lovely way to start the first day of work in the New Year, but I digress.

So Project 100 didn’t exactly go as planned today and because I don’t want to cheat myself (or possibly because I wanted some chips at lunch) I didn’t get started the way that I planned. But hey, tomorrows a new day and I plan on seizing it.

And as a sidenote, I listened to Beyonce’s "Schoolin Life" all the way to work (Yes, it was on repeat). I turned the volume sky high and sang at the top of my lungs as the driver next to me stared (likely wondering whether I was having some sort of spastic malfunction and whether EMS would need to be called) No matter what I made it to work in a better mood than when I left the house. (I didn't even cry as my freshly french manicured Shellac Nail flew across my desk as I reached for a case file....#Yup) So thanks Bey! PS: Does anyone know whether she’s had the baby or not. #Noseyppllikemewanttoknow  

So if you haven’t heard it, this is for you. Listen! Dance!  But most of all: SMILE! I’ve quickly discovered (should’ve realized long ago) we only have one life. I’ve made the decision to start living!

                                                                                                                Dramatically Yours,


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year: New Vision

Yup, that was my NYE #bejealous :-)

So nothing magical happened at midnight last night. I sat at home and talked to my cousin on the phone until the clock struck 12. (Yup, those are my bunny slippers) We did joyously yell out “Happy New Year” to one another at 12 and quickly realized that it’s time we make a change. But with this thought came a new revelation. I simply realized that it doesn’t take a new year to make a change. A new year (or a new you) begins when you choose it. Or better yet, when you desire it. Your new year can start on May 31st, September 21st or any day that you make up your mind to change.

I’ve contemplated my change for a long time. I’ve attempted it for awhile and at some point gave up. So in lieu of making New Year’s Resolutions I’ve committed to living a full life and not thinking twice about it. For so long, I’ve put things on hold because something in my life wasn’t right. I chose to wait until my “weight” was right and then I could do the things that I desired. Well guess what I haven’t gotten to the weight but I’ve made up my mind not to wait any longer.

I’ve realized that the “could’ve”, “would’ve”, “should’ves” have no place in my life. I’ve spent so much of my life asking “How have I grown?” “How have I changed?” never really seeing a change. I can honestly say that in 2011 I accomplished some feats that I had been battling for some time (#thankGod) but now that I’ve conquered those mountains it’s time to make new memories, accomplish new goals, and actually live. So in 20.12 my catch phrase is going to be #WTH! I’ve wasted too many years looking back while my destiny/future passed me by. The saying goes "life starts where your comfort zone ends", so I’m certainly about to strut out of my comfort zone. (And look oober cute while strutting btw) It’s time to make a life while I’m still living! When will your new year begin? What will you do?