Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Single, Sexy & Unemployed #Still_Winning

Well I said I wasn’t going to make any NYE Resolutions and good thing I didn’t. This year is definitely off to a festive start. I’ve struggled through this job for several months and the obviously my "amazing" wasn't recognized or appreciated because after several months of struggle they decided to “release” me.

Who does that?! Release? What does that mean? Set me free to fly amongst the eagles?!  Maybe they meant releasing me from captivity. Because that’s what it’s felt like I’ve been in for several months. I’ve been held captive and I’ve been far from captivated by the work that I’ve done.  But hey at least I learned a lot.

To say the least, I thought I was taking a new lease on life in 2012. I just moved into my new/first apartment and I was ready to seize the day. Well I think I got seized or better yet punked. Less than a week into my new life and this is what happens. Oh well, there’s no need to be sad or depressed about this. I’ve been in far worse situations and by the grace of God I’ve made it out. So I am assured that God has his hands on this situation and he will direct my paths.

At least this momentary unemployment has presented the opportunity for me to blog more and will help me on my quest to find my “calling.” It’s no longer about a dead end job with no room for growth but more so about making it happen even when it seems like everything  happening around me is bad.

I came from very humble beginnings and I know that God has brought me a long way within just these few short years. I have struggled with a lot but I’ve also gained a lot in the process. I’ve been underestimated, tested, and disrespected but I am still grateful for all the things that God has done in my life.

So although this job is over; I’m excited to begin searching for a new one. And preferably it will be a job that pertains to my purpose and my calling. So I’m waving goodbye (emphatically actually) to a job that held me captive and saying hello to the doors that are being opened for me. Here’s to new beginnings…Unemployment Tales Soon To Come!!! Lol!!


                                                                                                                                           Madame Surge

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