Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tales of The Unemployed- What's A Girl To Do?

This realization that I have lost my job is slowly starting to sink in. I feel like one of those divorced NBA Housewives that actually had a pre-nup. I know, I know… #dramatic_much.  But I do feel like I was accustomed to a certain status of living and suddenly I’m back in the poor house. Ok, I’ll cease with the melodrama.

I know this situation is only temporary and I will continue my pursuit towards greatness. And I know God did this for a reason, and although I may not understand it, I know he will bring me through it. Yup, that’s called Faith. Believe it or not I actually have a lot of it; it just gets hidden by my pessimism at times.

Although the majority of my day is filled with job searching, I know I must find other things to do. I’ve decided that I really want to do all those things I wasn’t able to do while I was employed and unhappy.  Like read what I want to read. Learn something new. Blog. Clip Coupons. Cook. Exercise. Work on my vision. Or better yet discover my vision.

I figure I better do what I need to right now because the next endeavor I take on in life will be my career; it will be what drives me. I’ve been praying and asking God to show me what my calling is. It’s a shame but I’ve spent 20 odd years of my life obtaining several degrees, amassing tons of debt, and just “being” yet I still don’t know what that girl is in the mirror is supposed to be doing. #No_Bueno at all.

It’s Day 2 of Tales of the Unemployed and I’m still job-less but I’m far from hopeless. I view this as a period of time that will provide an opportunity for personal growth and maturity. I’m a firm believer that although I’m currently in a mess, in the end I’ll be given a message.

                                                                                                                    Faithfully Yours, 
                                                                                                                                   Madame Surge

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