Monday, May 21, 2012

Capture Beauty

Just wanted to drop in and showcase some of my cousin's latest work. She did an impromptu photo session at my older cousin's wedding a few weeks back and I must admit she's got mad skills. I'm so proud and I love the work she did. It was impromptu but I think it still came out great. Love her! You can't find her at:

I encourage ya'll to stop by and take a look at her work....Greater things are soon to follow!

                                                                                                                        Ciao Lovelies,


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On a Journey We Will Go.......

Soooooo I’ve officially hit my one month mark with my personal training sessions. Ya’ll best believe it’s been a rocky road!!! However, a couple of days ago I stumbled upon what I looked like in December 2011…..can we say whooooooooaaa!! (Mind you that was 5 months ago) I was shocked because I didn't know how I looked like this or better yet how I was oblivious as to how I looked. Ayyyy Dios!!!! 

But it does explain my aversion to full length pictures. (I’ve never been confident enough about my body in order to do so). However, if I'd taken some before December 2011 I may have discovered what was really going on. Can we say "reality check!" 

Granted, I am nowhere near where I would like to be but it seems as though I’ve made some progress. I know this weight loss journey was supposed to begin back in January, well actually it was supposed to begin a few years back but I always let something get in the way. I’m determined not to do that ever again.  

Anywho I’m sure  ya'll are waiting for the photos  so I’ll post them shortly. I’ll mention that my eating habits aren’t exactly on par but that will be the next step in my journey . I’ve got to get a handle regarding my food intake and sugar intake so I've got to do whatever it takes!! Anywho I won’t prolong any longer. The first photos are from December 2011 and the next set of photos are from April of 2012. Mind you, I’ve been truthfully on the journey since February and I’ve basically just been exercising more. I’m just recently starting to get a handle on my eating. are the pics…lol…..





Same Black Dress 05-01-12
So I'm still on my way to getting it right....getting it tight....but I'm glad I took pictures....So I know what I left behind me and can focus on where I'm trying to be. #Determined 

                                                                                                                        Smooches and Love,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get It Right....Get It Tight!!!

Hey all! Hope your days have been filled with splendidness. (Is that a word? Anywho, so I've been out and about trying to remember what it's like to be "single again." (Shout out to Trina!! Lol!) 

And I must say, its a new day and the fine-ness abounds! Fine in my opinion, comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and numerous levels of amazing-ness. My eyes have been blessed with the viewing pleasure of pure deliciousness.

Since I've been checking out what's on the market I realized its time to re-vamp my weight loss goals and make sure my fine is equal to the fine I seek. Of course I want this fine-ness to be both on the inside and outside. I've been categorized as "damaged goods" but the past is the past and it's time to leave it there. 

Today marks week 3 with my personal trainer. He is certainly amongst one of the finest (hence my motivation to go to the gym). 

The story with the trainer goes as follows: 

- Week 1 was trying as h-e-double hockey sticks to say the least. 

- Week 2 he called me "evil" and said he'd never met another like me (Somehow, I don't think he  
meant  it in a good way!) Lol!I do what I can! 

- And Week 3 well we shall see what it holds. I'm trying to be on my best to behavior. I've got a few  
          more weeks with this dude. Might as well get it in since I paid my money.  Well that's my motto at  

As far as a difference in my body I've noticed that my muscle mass has likely increased which is always the first thing that happens with me. I will gain before I  lose. I don't understand the dynamics but nonetheless...when it comes to my thighs my bestie has deemed me #linebacker status thighs. I'm not sure I view it as a compliment. Lol! 

But I am trying to work on my legs and my core because those are my most problematic areas. However, I did notice that there was some "swellage" in my booty area, must be all those squats and lunges he has me doing.  With that being said, I'll take booty swelling and stomach shrinking for 500 please!" I kid. I kid. (Ok, I don't kid that much. Lol..who doesn't want a J. Lo. Booty!  I'm not sure I'll ever be "skinny" and it's really not what I want to be. I really just want to "niiicce." Thick in all the right places. 

In an effort to reduce my core (jiggly stomach) I've decided to incorporate exercises that will aim at strength and reduction. If you have any suggestions on core exercises that work, let me know I'd love to try them out! Just let me know! Anywho we shall see what Day 1 of Week 3 with the  with Mr. Trainer brings.

Hopefully he'll get it right...get it tight...and I'll be nice. #Dare to Dream.

Besos to all,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Food and Men. Two things that have plagued my body and damaged my sense of self-worth. Food and Men. Two things that for so long have controlled my feelings, emotions and thought process. Minuscule moments of happiness are what each has given me. Nothing long term. Nothing long-lasting.

I’ve so easily and freely given all of myself to them only to get little to nothing in return. The feelings of elation they provide are only temporary and ultimately the results are the same. Both lie about the happiness they will bring only to me confused and upset in the end.

I’ve drowned my thoughts into a bag of candy. Its sweet goodness, like crack, providing a temporary high to my feigning body. I’ve poured my heart out to a man and sought desperately for his love. Through tense lips he whispered a forced “I love you “looking at me with cold eyes and a face blank and unchanged. Yet in my mind our feelings for one another were the same. #Fail….Lol.

Thoughts constantly played out in my mind screaming “You deserve better,” “You’re worth more!” Yet I drowned the words out with the deafening crunching of potato chips, my grease laden hands wiping away my overflow of tears.

I wrote him sweet notes and bestowed gifts upon him “just because;” only to have him struggle to remember my favorite color, completely forget my birthday and ultimately forgot my existence in the end.

Food and Men. Vices of my life. These two things have haunted me for the majority of my life. I’ve succumb to their enticing beckoning only to be betrayed as the numbers on the scale skyrocketed. I believed each man’s half-hearted attempt at dating me only to be devastated. Because while I treated him as my world, he quickly made it clear that to him I was just another girl.

I’ve allowed these two things to reign in my life. Permitting their unworthy, undeserving and unfulfilling energy to linger for far too long. I’ve allowed the cycle to persist far longer than I ever should have.

So I’ve come to a cross road. I must bid each adieu. The manner in which we currently co-exist has to cease and desist. Neither has been truly beneficial for me so our relationship must be severed. And I must begin anew.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. But as you may be able to tell, it’s been a rough month for me. This blog piece pretty much sums up why I’ve been residing at Heartbreak Hotel. It’s a long story but it’s finally over. So I’m hoping this will be the last sappy piece from me for a while. This should be all the closure I need. Now that it’s off my chest hopefully I can just get the heck on with my life ……….

                                                                                                                             Happiness Awaiteth,


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I go to bed each night
Thinking thoughts of you
Wondering how your day was 
What clothes you wore
How you styled your hair
What cologne you chose to wear

Hoping, that I, too,  crossed your mind 
If not once, maybe twice

I close my eyes and breathe deep breaths of you
Intoxicated by just the thought of holding you 
touching you 
knowing you

I wake each morning 
And say a prayer for you 
Hoping you know how much I love you
Knowing that one day I'll be able to hold you 

Although we have yet to meet 
When that day arrives I'll rest assured that love was meant between you and I

With no doubt in my mind 
Because our love will be designed 
One of a Kind  

Until that day comes
I'll simply continue to dream, pray, and wait for you......
My one,
My only, 
My Everything

Future Hubby Thoughts....

                                       Yo Te Amo,


Monday, February 20, 2012


To feel 'fit as a fiddle', you must tone down your middle.


So I did it. 45 minutes on the treadmill…. and….. wait for it……….About 10 minutes of jogging. I know it says 42 minutes but I accidentally pushed 40 minutes when I began and I didn't want to start over so I just did an additional three minutes when that was over. 

I tried doing intervals so I wouldn't get so tired and ended up doing more than I had initially set out to do. So yay I did it! I'll admit that during the first 20 minutes I became bored and discouraged. But instead of giving up, I turned up the volume on my Pandora reggaeton station (don't judge me) and kept it moving.  

That pool is what I got to look at while I was on the treadmill.  I must admit it was true motivation. Suddenly, it dawned on me that summer is fast approaching and your girl right here wants to actually be able to go to the pool. I don’t know about most of you but I have always avoided pools because of my weight.  But things must change this summer.

I admit that as I looked out into that pool I envisioned myself out there parlaying and soaking up the sun (with proper SPF of course). Visions of grandeur I know…but I’ve decided it’s what I want for myself this summer. So tomorrow I will be off to the gym to do it all over again after work of course because tomorrow is my first day…YAY!!

SURGE OF THE DAY: I'll be getting it in at the gym tomorrow so that I’m able to make healthy look good on me!

 I've got to keep reminding myself of this.

                                                                                                Dreaming a little Dream,


Once and For All

I got a job ya’ll!! Two weeks and God did it! It’s not a permanent gig but it’s a door that God has opened and I’m walking through until the next window of opportunity springs forth. And I am assured it will.

Sooooo…….(drum roll please) Alright…Alright…Alright….I must say it….I’m tired of complaining about my body and all the things that I find wrong with it. Since I’ve got a problem with my body (a big one btw; that girl in the mirror…Yup she’s my biggest nemesis). But since I have a problem, there’s nothing I can do but resolve it. Right? I mean come on I created the monster and now its time to bring her down to size (ha ha ha…well I thought it was funny ….#sigh…lol)

HOWEVER, I am not about to begin writing a list of Do’s and Don’ts because I have consistently ended up with a super long list of  “should’ve”, “could’ve”,” would’ve’s.” And I so conveniently end up with a list of things I WANTED to do.  So I’ll deem them affirmations or Surges if you will.  I will note them as soon as they pop into my mind. I already have one for tomorrow…ooh yes I do! Can you guess it???

SURGE OF THE DAY: I will do at least 45 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow and run for at least 3 minutes (maybe not consecutively…and I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but with the junk in my trunk three minutes is a great feat) Wish me well ya’ll.  

On a side note, this photo is probably one of the rare “kinda” “sorta” body shots that I’ve taken of myself or allowed others to take of me. But I needed something to get me motivated and this is definitely a starting point.                                                                            

                                                                                                                                       Kiss…Kiss Ya’ll,

PS: Dear Sexiness-I’m on my way #getting_It_In