Saturday, January 28, 2012

Working on a Saturday Night...

Such is life. I’m living and working. Working and trying to live. I just moved into my new spot. Allll by myself!!!! LoL!! It’s definitely a new experience but one I plan on enjoying to the fullest. Independence looks good on me. Well at least I believe it does UNTIL these bills start to kick in. My furniture arrived yesterday after I had slept on an air mattress for a whole week. (Looooong story + Sleepless Nights = No Bueno) Lol! But hey I’ll have a story to tell my kiddos one day! I’m really trying to get back into the blogging thing. But work has been kicking my arse! However, I will try and I will do my best to blog. But for right now, back to work I go. Until later!

And on a side note: Some man at Walmart told me I was sexy today! Lol! Yeah it  was Walmart! But hey that never happened in the other neck of the woods that I lived in. Before I was just stared at or chased around the grocery store by men that scared the dickens out of me! Yeah those experiences were definitely comical. Oh well..#movingonup ..LoL!

                                                                                    Madame Surge 

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