Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year: New Vision

Yup, that was my NYE #bejealous :-)

So nothing magical happened at midnight last night. I sat at home and talked to my cousin on the phone until the clock struck 12. (Yup, those are my bunny slippers) We did joyously yell out “Happy New Year” to one another at 12 and quickly realized that it’s time we make a change. But with this thought came a new revelation. I simply realized that it doesn’t take a new year to make a change. A new year (or a new you) begins when you choose it. Or better yet, when you desire it. Your new year can start on May 31st, September 21st or any day that you make up your mind to change.

I’ve contemplated my change for a long time. I’ve attempted it for awhile and at some point gave up. So in lieu of making New Year’s Resolutions I’ve committed to living a full life and not thinking twice about it. For so long, I’ve put things on hold because something in my life wasn’t right. I chose to wait until my “weight” was right and then I could do the things that I desired. Well guess what I haven’t gotten to the weight but I’ve made up my mind not to wait any longer.

I’ve realized that the “could’ve”, “would’ve”, “should’ves” have no place in my life. I’ve spent so much of my life asking “How have I grown?” “How have I changed?” never really seeing a change. I can honestly say that in 2011 I accomplished some feats that I had been battling for some time (#thankGod) but now that I’ve conquered those mountains it’s time to make new memories, accomplish new goals, and actually live. So in 20.12 my catch phrase is going to be #WTH! I’ve wasted too many years looking back while my destiny/future passed me by. The saying goes "life starts where your comfort zone ends", so I’m certainly about to strut out of my comfort zone. (And look oober cute while strutting btw) It’s time to make a life while I’m still living! When will your new year begin? What will you do? 



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