Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I go to bed each night
Thinking thoughts of you
Wondering how your day was 
What clothes you wore
How you styled your hair
What cologne you chose to wear

Hoping, that I, too,  crossed your mind 
If not once, maybe twice

I close my eyes and breathe deep breaths of you
Intoxicated by just the thought of holding you 
touching you 
knowing you

I wake each morning 
And say a prayer for you 
Hoping you know how much I love you
Knowing that one day I'll be able to hold you 

Although we have yet to meet 
When that day arrives I'll rest assured that love was meant between you and I

With no doubt in my mind 
Because our love will be designed 
One of a Kind  

Until that day comes
I'll simply continue to dream, pray, and wait for you......
My one,
My only, 
My Everything

Future Hubby Thoughts....

                                       Yo Te Amo,


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