Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get It Right....Get It Tight!!!

Hey all! Hope your days have been filled with splendidness. (Is that a word? Anywho, so I've been out and about trying to remember what it's like to be "single again." (Shout out to Trina!! Lol!) 

And I must say, its a new day and the fine-ness abounds! Fine in my opinion, comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and numerous levels of amazing-ness. My eyes have been blessed with the viewing pleasure of pure deliciousness.

Since I've been checking out what's on the market I realized its time to re-vamp my weight loss goals and make sure my fine is equal to the fine I seek. Of course I want this fine-ness to be both on the inside and outside. I've been categorized as "damaged goods" but the past is the past and it's time to leave it there. 

Today marks week 3 with my personal trainer. He is certainly amongst one of the finest (hence my motivation to go to the gym). 

The story with the trainer goes as follows: 

- Week 1 was trying as h-e-double hockey sticks to say the least. 

- Week 2 he called me "evil" and said he'd never met another like me (Somehow, I don't think he  
meant  it in a good way!) Lol!I do what I can! 

- And Week 3 well we shall see what it holds. I'm trying to be on my best to behavior. I've got a few  
          more weeks with this dude. Might as well get it in since I paid my money.  Well that's my motto at  

As far as a difference in my body I've noticed that my muscle mass has likely increased which is always the first thing that happens with me. I will gain before I  lose. I don't understand the dynamics but nonetheless...when it comes to my thighs my bestie has deemed me #linebacker status thighs. I'm not sure I view it as a compliment. Lol! 

But I am trying to work on my legs and my core because those are my most problematic areas. However, I did notice that there was some "swellage" in my booty area, must be all those squats and lunges he has me doing.  With that being said, I'll take booty swelling and stomach shrinking for 500 please!" I kid. I kid. (Ok, I don't kid that much. Lol..who doesn't want a J. Lo. Booty!  I'm not sure I'll ever be "skinny" and it's really not what I want to be. I really just want to "niiicce." Thick in all the right places. 

In an effort to reduce my core (jiggly stomach) I've decided to incorporate exercises that will aim at strength and reduction. If you have any suggestions on core exercises that work, let me know I'd love to try them out! Just let me know! Anywho we shall see what Day 1 of Week 3 with the  with Mr. Trainer brings.

Hopefully he'll get it right...get it tight...and I'll be nice. #Dare to Dream.

Besos to all,


  1. It's a doggone compliment! Dang! lol

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